Floor to Ceiling Glass Office Walls


Swift Office Solutions is the Official Trendway Dealer in Tulsa


Trendway just finished celebrating 50 years of outstanding products,

delivered with their brand promise of speed, ease and quality. In 2019

they focused on a streamlined product portfolio, curated surface material

palettes and ongoing process improvements. Architectural Products

continue as a major focus for Trendway, and with 50 years of Movable

Wall experience, one they know well.

Movable Walls are inherently a more sustainable approach for interior

architecture. They greatly reduce construction waste at the project site.

Moving, re-using and reconfiguring the walls as needs change greatly

reduces the use of natural resources over new construction. They can be

specified in variety of recycled materials. And our Wall panels are built

in a safe, climate-controlled setting where process waste is recycled

and material use is optimized.

Their three Movable Wall Systems – TrendWall®, Volo® and Clear Wall —

cover a full range of price, function and aesthetics.

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